Digital Card Games for Learning vs. Holiday Treats

It’s always a joy to eat or drink a tasty holiday treat. Unfortunately, phrases like “enterprise learning” are usually not as delightful or as fun as eating, drinking or making a holiday treat. But there are ways to make online learning almost as enjoyable. One simple and effective way to do that is to add a digital, online card game to your eLearning toolkit. Card games add fun and interest to any live or self-paced learning experience. That’s why we created Enterprise Game Stack!

In the spirit of the holidays, we present seven “gifts” designed to make your eLearning more engaging and impactful (and they are the answers to our Holiday Sorting Game).

The game will help you to think about the advantages of an online, digital card game for your learners in 2021, and you might even get hungry for a tasty holiday treat. You have been warned…

Can Be Consumed Again and Again with No Weight Gain

One of the most powerful tools for learning is repetition but no one likes being forced to read, listen to or review the same content over and over again. One notable exception is games. People will play games repeatedly because outcomes can be different, new strategies can be applied and knowledge gain from playing.

Digital card games provide a chance to repeatedly place information in front of a learner without the learner becoming bored. The added bonus is that, unlike holiday treats, repeatedly consuming learning is actually good for you and doesn’t result in any weight gain.

Simple and Quick to Learn

Some holiday treats have extensive and complicated recipes and take hours of preparation and cooking. Fortunately, digital card games are simple and quick to learn. Almost everyone has played one type of card game or another and immediately understands what to do with the cards. This makes the games easier to implement and deploy within an organization because time is not spent explaining a complicated game, instead, the time is spent on learning the concepts contained within the game.

In addition to being easier for learners to digest than, say, Aunt Rhonda’s infamous fruitcake, digital card games should also be simple to configure and administer to your team. Enterprise Game Stack makes game creation and management straightforward, which means you can be up and running with your own games in less than an hour.

Reinforce Key Concepts

Digital card games can isolate key pieces of knowledge and help the learners to focus on that knowledge. This, in turn, reinforces that knowledge and helps the learner to understand the key concepts. You can create a variety of digital card games all focused on the same key concepts and learners will play the games over and over again which will help them better understand and apply those concepts.

Enterprise Game Stack offers two unique game frameworks: the Scenario / Roleplay framework and the Sort It framework. This gives you some flexibility with how to best present your key concepts to the team: either in the form of a solo, digital activity, or a real-time multi-player card game.

Require Application of Critical Thinking

Eating treats requires no critical thinking. Pick up said treat. Pop into mouth. Chew. Enjoy. But even a simple card sorting game requires a great deal of cognitive processing. The learner needs to understand the categories and the criteria behind each category. They must decide on the attributes and traits of the item they are viewing and then they must apply the parameters of each category to the item and then place in the correct category (card pile). Card games provide a simple but cognitively challenging way of helping learners identify traits, attributes and elements of items.

Cookies Track Performance

Okay, so, cookies are not being used to track your performance. We just used the word “cookie” to incorporate the treat theme. However, Enterprise Game Stack does track a lot of analytics for you, including obvious statistics like game scores and outcomes. We also highlight metrics like the total amount of minutes played, how many instances have been created, who is using the platform, etc.

This gives you, the learning and development professional, a wealth of analytics that can highlight learning gaps, areas for improvement, and other key metrics that can help craft more effective learning.

Promote Social Interaction

Admittedly, this could be both holiday treats and a digital, online card game. In this time of social isolation, people want (and NEED) to feel like they are part of a group. Card games are great for bringing groups together. They provide a rich social environment. While a digital card game is not quite as engaging and social as a face-to-face game, it’s pretty close. In fact, it’s a lot closer than disembodied voices over digital slides or a boring whiteboard presentation. Engaging learners through card games is a great way to create a social atmosphere in spite of social distancing.

Make Learning More Impactful

Learning is a complex process. Some folks are able to learn quickly and seemingly effortlessly, while other folks take a little more time and are more deliberate. Digital card games can make learning more impactful because with self-paced games, learners can take as much or as little time as they want to contemplate answers and responses. In group card games, players have a chance to listen to others and to internalize their responses and thoughts. It’s a way to make learning more impactful because the learner can decide what information is personally meaningful to them and what information they already know and what they need to focus on to become better.

So consider sitting down and getting yourself a tasty holiday treat and playing a few card games. When you are done, contact us about how you can integrate Enterprise Game Stack card games into your eLearning toolkit for live and self-paced learning events that make an impact and lead to results.

Happy holidays!

Need your own game?

If you want to create your own digital card game to help increase engagement and combine corporate learning with a little bit of fun, contact us for a demo to learn how easy is it to create effective, impactful digital card games to connect learners over a distance, drive home key learning points and track learner progress.

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