St. Patrick’s Day Fact or Blarney Game

St. Patrick’s Day is an enjoyable and fun holiday. People wear green, celebrate old friends and make new ones. Wouldn’t it be great if training was that simple and easy? Fortunately, there are ways to make online learning almost as enjoyable. One simple and effective way to do that is to add a digital, online card game to your eLearning toolkit. Card games add fun and interest to any live or self-paced learning experience. That’s why we created Enterprise Game Stack!

In the spirit of fun on St. Patrick’s Day, we present the St. Patrick’s Day Fact or Blarney Game. Look through the trivia items and see if you can distinguish St. Patrick Day facts from Blarney. The Guinness is not included but a fun, engaging experience is…

Need your own game?

If you want to create your own digital card game to help increase engagement and combine corporate learning with a little bit of fun, contact us for a demo to learn how easy is it to create effective, impactful digital card games to connect learners over a distance, drive home key learning points and track learner progress.

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