Halloween can be scary especially when people start talking about supposedly real creatures like Big Foot and Mothman. These types of creatures are called cryptids. The defines a cryptid as a creature “that has been claimed to exist but never proven to exist.  Contrary to popular belief, cryptids don’t have to be supernatural, mythical or even all that strange—though many popular creatures acquire these characteristics as their legends grow.”

The creatures in this game sure have those characteristics. So, give the game a whirl.

While you play, keep in mind that even though these creatures might be scary, creating engaging, interactive and fully customizable card games for single or multiplayer experiences doesn’t have to be scary at all.

There are ways to make online learning almost as enjoyable. One simple and effective way is to add a digital, online card game to your eLearning toolkit. Card games add fun and add interest to any live or self-paced learning experience (and they are not scary to create at all!). That’s why we created Enterprise Game Stack.

In the spirit of fun in this spooky season, we present the Creepy Cryptids! game created by Bloomsburg University graduate student Caleb Beck who is learning all about Instructional Design as a graduate student at Bloomsburg University’s Masters of Science in Instructional Design and Technology program.

So good luck with the game and Happy Halloween from all of us at Enterprise Game Stack.

Link to the game:

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