The Value of a Card Sort Activity

The Value of a Card Sort Activity It is more important than ever to create interesting and clever methods to encourage learners to engage with the content you are designing. If you look back in time before everything had to go digital, you’ll find that card sort games are a great way to engage with

Designing a Digital Card Game to Teach Empathy

In these times of uncertainty and civil rudeness, many organizations are taking it upon themselves to create empathy training. The idea is to help individuals become more empathetic

Avoiding “Zoom Fatigue” with Digital Card Games

Avoiding “Zoom Fatigue” with Digital Card Games We’ve all heard the phrase “Zoom Fatigue” and it’s not to lay the blame on that particular platform. There is plenty of fatigue to go around. We have WebEx Fatigue, Skype Fatigue and the list goes on. A better name would be “Virtual Meeting Fatigue” or “Virtual Training

Why Quick, Targeted Learning Events are So Effective

Why Quick, Targeted Learning Events are So Effective Cramming Doesn’t Work We’ve all been there. A huge test tomorrow and we’ve spent the entire night cramming for the exam. We stuff as much information as we possibly can in our head and then march off to take test. And, if you are like most people,

Virtual Games Keep Us Connected

Virtual Games Keep Us Connected One of the advantages of a physical card game or a board game is that not only are you having fun playing the game and interacting with the game elements, but you are also connecting with your fellow game players. Games are a way of connecting with other people. Unfortunately,

Three Reasons Why A Card Game Paradigm is Good for Your Serious Game

Many people think of card games as being simplistic or basic like the classic game “Go Fish” or the solitary game “Solitaire.” However, the appearance of simplicity is mis-leading. While many card games appear to be simple on the surface that simplicity is what makes them powerful tools for creating learning. If you look closely,

Thoughts On How To Create a Learning Game

Thoughts On How To Create a Learning Game When I am asked the question, “Where do you come up with ideas for learning games.” The first response I give is “From games I’ve played. You’ve got to play games to make games.” It seems simple but think about it. Learning-game design is a bit like

Don’t Forget Analytics

Don’t Forget Analytics It’s important to create an immersive, fun and engaging learning experience but that is not enough if you are using games for serious learning. If you want to leverage games for the power of learning, you need to have a robust back end with carefully constructed analytics. Without having analytics for your

Using a Card Game to Teach Leadership Skills

One type of learning exercise that has suffered during this pandemic is the use of face-to-face role-play exercises. It is simply not possible or even safe to conduct large scale training exercises in a face-to-face environment. And, even before the pandemic, many organizations were finding that conducting a role-play exercise can be problematic.

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