Scenario / Role Play – Real-time Digital Card Game


You need to get your team to collaborate and practice skills with role playing scenarios, but due to COVID and remote work, conducting meaningful role plays are a challenge. Hold on to your keyboard, we have just the game for you: a real-time, collaborative card game.


Create role-play (sales, customer service, HR) in a virtual space. One online learner acts out the role-play. Then the others vote on the effectiveness of the acted-out scenario. If it’s good, the player wins the card, if not, other players can challenge the role-play for a chance to win. Played in groups of 5-8. First player to collect five scenario cards “wins” the online role-play. Score is kept automatically and an extensive dashboard is available for viewing.  You can create your own, customized role-play scenarios.

Role Play framework provides:
  • Role-play practice without the typical “moans and groans” of learners having to participate in a role-play.
  • Players listen to one another carefully because they can challenge each other.
  • Players critically analyze the other player’s words and correct/challenge them.
  • Involves all players/learners in the role play activity.
  • Provides engagement online.
  • Creates a sense of “sitting around the table” even if each player is hundreds of miles from each other.
  • Great for setting up a “devil’s advocate” format to spur conversations and critical thinking.

Getting Started with Role Play is simple

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