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Our easy-to-use suite of games and activities keeps participants focused, engaged, and collaborative, all while reinforcing learning.

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Enterprise Game Stack

Why you should use Enterprise Game Stack

Training your team streamlines business operations and increases revenue. But there are a few problems…

Typical learning games: 

  • Complicated rules
  • L&D team must develop ALL the content from scratch
  • Trivia-based design focused only on recall
  • Little player-to-player interactions

Typical webinar and zoom sessions:

  • Lots of “monologuing” by presenters
  • Little engagement among attendees
  • Difficult to find consensus among innovative or new ideas
  • Lack of energy and enthusiasm in session

Scenario / Role-Play Game — A real-time, multi-player digital card game

Our role-play game is designed to help individuals develop their communication and critical thinking skills through fun and engaging interactive exercises. This game is perfect for sales training, team building, leadership development, customer service and contingency planning.

Sort Card Game - A solo digital activity

In this activity, participants sort cards into different categories such as product features, skills, and elements in a competitive market. Use Sort as an opening exercise, to categorize ideas, or even to prioritize product features. 

AI powered content ideas

Coming soon…

Generate Game Scenarios

a quick set of questions will generate several possible game options for you to use in your games.

Generate Sort Cards

Using some example cards you have already loaded the system will generate more ideas for you to use.

Analytics Tagging

Using AI the system can generate new ways to group and review your gameplay data. 

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