Our story in 30 seconds

At Enterprise Game Stack, we know you’re the kind of person who values learning. In order to help your team succeed, you need easy-to-use tools that engage them. The problem is that most traditional learning methods are expensive, cumbersome to use, and boring, which makes you feel stuck. We believe that learning should be fun. We understand that your current options aren’t ideal, especially given the new social-distanced reality that we’re all living. That’s why we developed our stack of games and activities. They keep players engaged, focused, and collaborative, all while reinforcing learning. Here’s how it works! 

  1. Schedule a demo
  2. Configure your game content
  3. Invite your team and play

So give us a call so you can stop spinning your wheels and start playing.

About the Platform

We spent a lot of time and energy making a best in class interface for the games. Each layout experience is targeted to feeling real, so players maintain a level of engagement that is not often found on other platforms. 

Our admin side allows administrators to group players for game play, send emails, access control game play.

Create administrators with different roles, copy games to create more and different versions.

“Wall-off” games from one group to another to keep content protected within an organization.

Advanced control over the content in the games. Adminstrators can configure the cards to their exact specifications, including graphics, copy, and text color. 

Reporting is quick and easy. We have created metrics for common use cases and identifying user performance, as well as key trends on specific gameplay content. 


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