8 Role-Play Exercises to Prepare Your Team for the Win

Written by: Adam Clark

“Here’s how most sales role-play exercises go: The manager gathers the team and exclaims (with just a bit too much excitement) the plan to do some role-playing. The first exercise covers the most obvious objections that everybody already knows how to handle. The seconds exercise is too fake to learn from. The third is worse. What follows is a poorly structured, incredibly awkward, and minimally effective goof-off session. Role-play exercises are crucial to developing strong conversational tactics and messaging delivery. It’s mind-blowing how little attention is paid to doing them right. Medals are given out at the championship, but you earn them in practice. It’s time to take role-playing seriously. I have participated in and run thousands of role-playing exercises for sale. Here are the 8 exercises I have found most effective, and tips to execute them right.”

  1. Learning is Listening
  2. Objection Island
  3. Persona Mixed Bag
  4. Extreme Conditions (Hot Seat)
  5. Role Reversal
  6. Boardroom Brawl
  7. The Ringer
  8. Pay the Pros

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