Application of the Educational Game to Enhance Student Learning

Written by: Siu Yin Cheung and Kai Yin Ng

“Gamification in education has become the focus of attention in recent years. While “gamification is the practice of using game design elements, game mechanics, and game thinking in non-game activities to motivate participants” (Al-Azawi et as., 2016, p. 133) educational gamification is a teaching method that requires learners to participate in competitions according to preset rules (Fitzgerald, 1997). It has been an interdisciplinary and prevalent tool for educators to utilize in teaching in the past few years (Robson et al., 2016). In view of the rapid development of technology, learners may expect teachers/lecturers to employ this tool in lessons/lectures (Rondon et al., 2013). In the field of education, researchers have been eager to find new strategies to enrich students’ Frontiers in Education | 1 March 2021 | Volume 6 | Article 623793 Cheung and Ng Educational Game Enhance Student Student Learning learning experiences, especially in this technology-driven world in which educational games are one of them (Minovic et al., 2021a).”

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