Thoughts On How To Create a Learning Game

Thoughts On How To Create a Learning Game When I am asked the question, “Where do you come up with ideas for learning games.” The first response I give is “From games I’ve played. You’ve got to play games to make games.” It seems simple but think about it. Learning-game design is a bit like

Don’t Forget Analytics

Don’t Forget Analytics It’s important to create an immersive, fun and engaging learning experience but that is not enough if you are using games for serious learning. If you want to leverage games for the power of learning, you need to have a robust back end with carefully constructed analytics. Without having analytics for your

Using a Card Game to Teach Leadership Skills

One type of learning exercise that has suffered during this pandemic is the use of face-to-face role-play exercises. It is simply not possible or even safe to conduct large scale training exercises in a face-to-face environment. And, even before the pandemic, many organizations were finding that conducting a role-play exercise can be problematic.

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