Sales Team Structure in Role Play Exercises

“As the sales team leader, you are managing these role-playing activities with a specific goal in mind. Here are the five things you need to do every time you role play:

  1. Focus on the activity. Pick one topic for each session.
  2. Don’t be too easy on them. Your customers won’t be. Portray customers as demanding, hesitant to purchase, and push back against team assumptions. As your team gets better, raise the challenge level.
  3. Keep in mind sales team dynamics. When you have completed the role-playing exercise, let the person who did the role playing tell the group what they could have done better. This will help reinforce what they learned. If they are self-aware, it’s a little easier than having to hear their shortcomings from the group. Instead, encourage group members to point out what they did well. This can focus attention on the positive and starve off defensiveness. A great way to approach this is by asking what the person could have done even better or if others have the ideas to improve the presentation.
  4. Conclude each role-playing exercise with a quick summary of lessons learned to help reinforce the message. Emphasize the positives and a list of things to remember.
  5. Revisit the lesson regularly. Sales teams that implemented post-training reinforcement typically see a 20 percent improvement in achieving sales goals.”

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