Tips for Creating Role-Playing Scenarios

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Wishing is not enough; we must do."

“How right and on point Von Goethe was. Selling has never been simple or straightforward. All the prospects have unique needs, personalities, and buying motivations, which means no single sales script or strategy will work for all. So, no matter how many lessons or books a salesperson crams, they can never learn the true skill unless they practice in the field.

And that’s what makes sales training so hard to put into practice. But there’s a solution-role-plays. Role-play training exercises have been long recognized as a powerful training tool in sales. Role-plays are a proven way to boost the performance of sales teams by enhancing their confidence both in new product features and benefits and in how to handle objections in a safe environment.

When you give your new sales hires different role-playing scenarios, you’re helping them develop their conflict resolution skills, build empathy, handle rejections, and learn to perform under pressure. They also learn how to improvise under different scenarios.”

Role-Play Scenarios in Sales:

  1. Complaining or Argumentative Customer
  2. Undecided Customer
  3. Nitty-Gritty Customer
  4. Tech-Savvy Customer

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