Traditional Sales Role-Play is Dead (Meet its Replacement)

“Two words that can send the most confident sale rep racing for the door: Role-play. While as children most of us happily engage in some form of role-play, sales has turned this once valuable learning experience into an awkward, high pressured test of a rep’s ability to correctly articulate product knowledge or follow a particular sales methodology.”

“Traditional sales role-play embodies every actor’s nightmare of stepping into the spotlight without knowing their lines or even what the play is about. High expectations and vague circumstanced (Ok, Alice you’re the salesperson, Ken, you’re the customer…Go!) set reps up for failure – and it all takes place in front of the chief critic (manager) and their peers.”

“Look to the Theater for a Better Way to Sales Role Play

  1. Set the stage
  2. Create a specific scenari
  3. Cast it
  4. Get into role
  5. Direct it”

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